8 hours ago

    Pump up the brain. Four scientifically proven ways to become smarter

    Alfia Enikeeva. Aerobics strengthens the memory and improves cognitive function at any age, said recently, researchers from Columbia University (USA).…
    9 hours ago

    Artificial intelligence “taught” to find dangerous asteroids

    A group of scientists from Leiden University have presented an algorithm that can detect potentially dangerous astronomical objects. Reportedly, at…
    9 hours ago

    The first stage of the Falcon 9 fell into the ocean

    The first reusable rocket, the Falcon 9 fell into the Atlantic ocean near the floating platform. Launched into orbit the…
    15 hours ago

    In Japan, the robot learned to feel human pain

    Android features the so-called pain of the nervous system that allows him to distinguish a neat touch from rough. Engineers…
    16 hours ago

    The image suddenly faded surface of Betelgeuse

    On the Very large telescope VLT of the European southern Observatory (ESO) astronomers have recorded an unprecedented weakening of the…



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