7 hours ago

    Scientists discovered able to survive on meteorite bacteria

    An international team of scientists first discovered the microorganisms are able to survive the asteroids, and meteorites, as inorganic substances…
    8 hours ago

    Scientists have admitted that the HIV vaccine will appear in two years

    Major researchers of human immunodeficiency virus Susan Buchbinder and Anthony Fauci expressed hope that by 2021 it will be developed…
    8 hours ago

    Disclosed the cause of the mysterious signals from space

    Astrophysics from Poland and the Czech Republic have uncovered the possible cause of gamma-ray bursts — mysterious cosmic phenomenon, the…
    11 hours ago

    Instagram will ask your age when creating your account

    Instagram will ask for the user’s age when registering on social networks to improve service quality, the report said social…
    14 hours ago

    Chinese scientists have created “liquid robot”

    Researchers from the Tianjin University developed a unique drops that can move in space. A liquid substance has the ability…



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