NYPD officer gave a kidney to a stranger, but to recover will be unpaid leave

An employee of the police Department of new York lost almost 200 pounds to be healthy enough to give his kidney to a complete stranger. As it turned out, that was the easy part its tasks.

When 29-year-old Stephen Trotman of Brooklyn last month learned about the date of the transaction, the situation is confused by the employees of the Department payroll and personnel Department, which said that the recovery after the surgery he will have to spend personal time that is only 30 days vacation, sick leave and compensatory time off.

A man who worked in the information technology division of the NYPD since July of 2017, said that it will not keep him from saving the life of a man from Tennessee. Trotman added: “the Situation at work was more complicated than the operation itself”.

He became a donor on April 16, and he had surgery in the hospital NewYork-Presbyterian / Weill Cornell Medical center. He recalls: “At that time I had exactly one month of accumulated output. I’d have to spend it all”. However, according to him, he was “prepared to use every hour”to bring its task to the end.

A couple days ago I donated my kidney to someone in need of a transplant. I don't know who received and I may never get to meet them, but given the near 100,000 people in need of one, even one person receiving one, let alone one from a living donor, means one less family worrying about if their loved one will ever get to live a more normal life again. I recorded this video in my room the morning after my surgery to share a bit more about why I did it and how the process works.

Geplaatst door Stefan Kemar Trotman op Donderdag 18 april 2019

In order to become a donor, Trotman had to lose about 225 pounds (102 kg). Last year he took part in new York marathon and 2 times a day went to the gym. The recipient of the kidney he didn’t know but said that no matter what, is going to do everything in his power “so that his family could breathe a sigh of relief”.

However, his concern was that he needed to spend vacation and compensatory time off for recovery after surgery. He explained: “I felt that just giving the other person the opportunity to live life to the fullest, but it seems I get punished for this”.

About the history of Trotman learned many employees of the police Department of new York, and eventually she reached the Deputy Commissioner Jeffrey Slinger, which, in turn, shared it with senior colleagues. Soon Trotman appeared support team.

Trotman temporarily transferred to another Department, so he got paid a month to recover, and he didn’t have to spend your vacation. However, as explained by SLANGER, Trotman “cared more about the barrier, which can prevent other people to become donors”.

He called the act of Trotman “an incredible act of kindness” and said that he had learned from him that the waiting list kidneys are “about 90 thousand people”. SLANGER added: “I thought about a country with 300 million inhabitants and that, removing obstacles, we easily can solve this problem”.

Trotman said that he wants new York and other cities in the country has introduced laws in favor of employees who want to become donors for life.

The bill, recently approved by the Commission on budget allocations, will offer financial assistance in case of deprivation of salary or other expenses of donors. And the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo last year signed a law that organ donors will be protected by the law on paid family leave.

NYPD officer gave a kidney to a stranger, but found that the city does not provide donors a paid vacation updated: May 14, 2019 author: Elena Abdulaeva
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