The may 9 Victory parade in Moscow: a unique photo and video

Victory day parade on red square in Moscow, timed to the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war ended.

In the Victory parade was attended by over 13 thousand people and 132 units of equipment were presented as well as the 74 aircraft and helicopters. It is also known that for the first time in the parade showed the car Aurus, reports LigaNews.

It is reported that open air parade of the world’s largest production helicopter “Mi-26”.

It is also known that the parade was presented armored cars “Tiger” armored vehicles “BTR-82A”, infantry fighting vehicle “BMP-3”, tank “T-72”, anti-aircraft missile systems s-400, “Armour-1C”, missiles “YARS” and surrounded by armored vehicles “Tiger” and “Patrol” and others.

The main advantage was the Hiking column. Its membership included officers, sergeants and soldiers of military units, students and cadets of military educational institutions, pupils of military schools, cadet corps and members of the all-Russian movement “Uname” and many others.

It is also known that “highlight” was the participation in the parade the women’s squad consisting of honor guard.

As previously reported LigaNews, the may 9 Victory parade in St. Petersburg: video online broadcast. It is also known that on the eve of Victory day was held in Moscow rehearsal of parade.
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