The University — at the expense of the rich

Americans actively supported the initiative of Senator Elizabeth Warren, which proposed to introduce an additional tax for 75 thousand richest families of the country, in order for this account to make free access to staff and public colleges, as well as to repay most of the student debt.

Such a plan, the survey showed Hill-HarrisX approved 64% of registered voters, not knowing who had designed it. So it makes sense that Warren, who is running for President from the Democratic party, made the fight for such innovation one of the Central points of his campaign. And although it lags behind the leaders in the race — former Vice President Joseph Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders, an elaborate social program can bring her political dividends.

The initiative in the field of higher education was supported by the representatives of all age groups, although among those at least 65 years, the proportion of supporters was only 53%, whereas among 18-64-year-old has reached 67%. For this step, expressed and 58% of those whose family income is 75 thousand dollars a year or more, and among the less affluent, the share of supporters has reached 69%.

Negative total to the idea treated Republicans and conservatives in General, but whatever it was, 48% of them were positive about such a plan. The greatest support for innovation has been among Democrats (78%), and among independent voters, the proportion of supporters was very impressive — 66%.

According to sociologist Lee Miringoff, head of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion, Warren may find an echo at least of the fact that many who would like to pursue higher education or to send the University your child, you know that it’s very hard financially. As for enthusiasm on the part of the Democrats, they traditionally stand for, to the expense of the most affluent to improve the lives of all the others.
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