Lost compass of attorney General

The speech of the head of the Ministry of justice William Berra at the meeting of the Senate judiciary Committee, focused mainly on its reaction to the report, special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. The latter, as it became known, in March sent him a letter stressing that the brief statement made as a result of the investigation findings do not reflect its essence and nature, but also misleading.

However, the attorney General urged not to bring this to the letter special attention and stressed that President Donald trump is not obstructed justice when he asked his adviser don Makhana to fire Muller, and when he refused to provide false data about this. And besides, Barre reiterated that the conclusion of the Office of Legal Counsel that the acting President may not be prosecuted, does not require testing for compliance with the law.

While I was thinking about the situation, which could undermine the credibility of the main law enforcement body as such, I received a message stating that the resignation of Thomas Brandon. Back in the 1990s we worked together in Detroit, investigating the activities of a gang engaged in drug trafficking and contract killings. Brandon made me a great impression – he was smart, tireless, enthusiastic (sometimes too much)… But then we haven’t seen, so I had to learn on the Internet, as has been his career. It turned out that even under Barack Obama, he led the Bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, and trump has been criticized for budget cuts and spoke in support of the bill, criticized the White house, according to which the FBI must get more time to test the law-abiding people willing to buy firearms.

Now Brandon has resigned, but I am sure that in the ranks of the Ministry of justice there are many honest and principled officers. To their number belong to the U.S. attorney’s office of Manhattan, who were not afraid to say that trump was, even if unintentionally, complicit in the fraud on the electoral Fund, which carried his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The same can be said about the FBI agents last year arrested by césar Yok – a supporter of trump, who subsequently pleaded guilty to that sent 16 homemade bombs Democrats and critics of the President, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the house of representatives, Maxine waters. What a list of “goals” Yok coincide with the list of their main opponents, who have voiced trump, fortunately, did not affect the investigation and arrest of a suspect.

Current indications Berra allow us to compare it with the captain, who leads his ship on an iceberg and is not going to change course. We have to admit that his compass, including allowing you to navigate the issues of ethics and morality, lost. And one can only sympathize with the employees of the Ministry who daily reveal the most difficult and dangerous crimes. They remained faithful to his duty, and in the days when the word “unprecedented” is used so often, is to thank them for their integrity and the fact that something still remained unchanged.

Michael stern, a former Federal Prosecutor


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