The teenager had lost 50 kg since walked to school and correct diet (photos)

Two years ago, by his own admission, Michael Watson, his life was a nightmare.

16-year-old boy weighed more than 300 pounds (130 kg), he was constantly bullied other students.

“My confidence was zero, recalls Watson, who today, may 15, under the age of 18. — Once a classmate said to me: you got something on your chin. I rubbed it, and the classmate laughed, explaining that this is the third chin.”

When the guy realized that I need to change something, he has committed himself to walk to his school in Canton (state of Ohio), and back on foot, in any weather. The walk took about 20 minutes each way. And, of course, the guy has made changes to your diet.

When at the end of this month, Michael will take the stage at graduation, it will weigh 115 pounds (50 kg) less.

Photo: CNN

According to Michael, it was repeatedly offered to drive, especially in rain or snow, but he always refused. Besides, the guy continued to follow a diet, although it was very difficult, as he worked in a fast food restaurant.

Terrance Jones, working family specialist in the school of Michael, told CNNthat the story of the guy subdued.

“This is an example of the courageous development of the personality, rare in high school students, said Jones. — The story of Michael from those that are never forgotten”.

After graduation Michael plans to get a job full time. He dreams of one day becoming an actor.
According to the teenager, he had a hard time these last two years, and several times he relapsed, but kept telling myself, “Every day is a new day.”

The student who was abused because of his weight, began to walk and lost 50 kg (photo) updated: May 15, 2019 author: Alina Dykman
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