In Spain the elections were won by the socialists, far-right entered Parliament

Early parliamentary elections in Spain were won by the socialist party headed by current Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. The socialists, however, did not get absolute majority and will have to seek an Alliance with other political forces. For the first time after the fall of francoism in the General Cortes (Parliament) passed the ultra-right.

The results of processing of 99% ballots, the socialists are getting 29% of the vote and 123 out of 350 parliamentary seats in the lower house of Parliament — Congress. The extreme left of the party Podemos get 42 seats. Thus, even if the Alliance with Podemos, this Union will not receive an absolute majority of 176 seats. For the formation of the government they may join the Basque nationalists and Catalan separatists. It is in this scenario, Pedro Sanchez came to power after a vote of no confidence in his predecessor, the conservative Mariano Rajoy.

Another scenario — an Alliance of socialists with the liberals of the Ciudadanos (“Citizens”), which received 57 seats in Congress. Although both parties had previously excluded the possibility of a Union.

Conservative people’s party scored the lowest result over the past decade is 66 seats. In the previous elections in 2016 they got 137 seats. The right also gave the socialists a majority in the Senate.

Many believe that the voices of conservatives took the extreme right, which passed in the Spanish Parliament for the first time after the fall of the Franco regime.

At the extreme right of the party Vox (“Voice”) 24 parliamentary seats. However, they were counting on at least 30 seats in Congress. Spaniards from Vox support of the French “National Association” marine Le Pen and the Italian far-right “League”. The Spanish extreme right oppose immigration, feminism and the abolition of autonomy of Catalonia.

Prime Minister Pedro sánchez announced early parliamentary elections in mid-February due to the fact that the Parliament rejected the draft budget 2019 proposed by the socialists.
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