King Balak was real: scientists have found maitance manuscript depicting the ruler

Researchers who study ancient artifacts, have been able to find proof of the existence of an ancient ruler.

According to experts, talking about the ruler of the Moabites Palace, about which there is mention in the old Testament. It is therefore now considered to be Balak’s historic character. These conclusions were made on the basis of the texts on the stele of Mesha, the creation of which is dated to the IX century BC. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First was found a manuscript that contained an unknown language.

According to preliminary information, the scientists were able to collect about 60 fragments of such a curious artifact that is 2/3 of the total. Impressions on papier-mâché was the only complete copy of the inscriptions, which today is the longest extra-biblical text of the era, found in Palestine. In 34 line, which is written in moravitsa dialect, there are signs of the Hebrew dialect. Moreover, in one of the rows there is a mention of belonging to the ruler of the house of David.

About Wallace says the book of Numbers which says that the ruler asked the prophet Balaam to bring a curse on the Israeli people. If the above information is proven, that Balak could be a historical hero.
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