Technology developed for reading the Bible: scientists have deciphered the encrypted messages 5000 humanity

In the world of science revealed the phenomenon of coded messages in Scripture.

It should be noted that Isaac Newton managed to predict some of the hidden messages to the future generation. Similar attempts were made by the famous explore Elia rips in the Arsenal of which was a computer program that can perform analysis of the biblical texts. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before the Peninsula was watching a biblical miracle.

It is through the latest inventions could be made public 5 thousand encrypted prophecies. The distinctive ability of innovation was the ability to read and analyze the biblical manuscripts. Moreover, it was found that combinations of letters in most cases overlap, forming a newly minted word forms.

Through the said program was able to recognize words: Martin Luther king, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, that is, individuals who in one way or another influenced the course of history. Also in the Bible revealed a coded message about the October revolution, which in the Scripture are dated 5676 year.

Also among the important developments was the discovery of America, the French revolution, the Holocaust, terrorist attacks in the capital of Spain 15 years ago. In addition, the stories revealed information about the fall of a space object on Jupiter. The Bible says that 12 years ago, mankind has entered a new era.

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