Reform under the new rules

As previous attempts of the White house to change the rules of functioning of the immigration system was never approved by lawmakers, the administration has developed other approaches that were recently presented at a meeting with a group of lawmakers-Republicans.

As one of the closest allies of the President, Senator David Purdue, this program can be called a RAISE 2.0 — a modernized version of the bill submitted by his colleague Tom Cotton. But the main difference lies in the fact that the volume of legal immigration proposed not to reduce but to leave it at the current level (1.1 million people per year). The advantage in obtaining a green card will have the holders of a certain level of knowledge or skills, and not those whose relatives already living in the United States. As for the issues of struggle against illegal migrants, the new plan does not affect it, although, as suggested by another participant in the meeting, Ted Cruz, a likely White house more determined with this as the formation of proposals for the strengthening of borders.

In addition, the discussion was attended by senators Martha Maccalli, Mike Crapo, Jim riche, Chuck Grassley, Kevin Kramer, Jim Inhofe, Marsha Blackburn, Mike Lee and Mike Enzi. But specifics have not been able to achieve any of them — so, Inhofe and Purdue noted that the date of the promulgation of the initiatives is not defined, and, Crapo noted that the conversation was only exploratory in nature.

We can assume that the Capitol will see heated debates on immigration issues, since representatives of both parties consider this theme as a way of energizing his supporters. In addition, deep party and General political differences previously are the reason that all attempts to approve immigration reform legislation, strengthening border security, failed.

So, in 2018, the Senate has not approved a single one of the 4 proposals, including those supported by the White house, which included providing the opportunity to become citizens for 1.8 million illegal immigrants caught in the United States as children, and the allocation of 25 billion dollars for the equipment of the border, the tightening of internal control rules and limiting the number of visas. And earlier bill cotton-Purdue did not pass the examination even in the legal Committee, despite the positive feedback from the administration of the President. And it is possible that the current attempt is connected including with desire to resolve the humanitarian crisis on the border with Mexico, for overcoming which the government is seeking from Congress additional $ 4.5 billion.

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