The incident foreshadowed a planetary scale: seismologists recorded the activity of a giant SUPERVOLCANO

Experts, exploring the seismic processes on the planet, said of the impending danger in one of the corners of the globe.

In the area of potentially dangerous objects hit the 35 km long mountain range, which is geographically located a short distance from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Among these formations it should be noted the Karymshina volcano, endowed with the ability to turn the globe upside down. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before, scientists announced the effects of the eruption of the SUPERVOLCANO Toba.

Experts focused attention on the fact that in danger the region and the whole planet. The last eruption happened 1.5 million years ago, however, it should be noted that the above mountain system contains other volcanoes, is also active and quite large.

Recently geologists have been able to predict sudden awakening Kizimen and Shiveluch. At the moment, the signs of activity indicated in the volcanoes Gorely and Kramskogo. The above events prove, what is now Kamchatka is a region with high seismic activity. Scientists reported that Kamchatka volcano will be much more destructive than his American congener – the Yellowstone.
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