Unnoticed “revelations”

After the publication of the report of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller the attitude of Americans toward Donald Trump does not change.

According to a survey conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, the President’s rating, compared with the previous increased by 3 percentage points to 46%. In other words, it has remained at about the same level as for the period from June 2018, when they ranged from 43 to 47%.

Data of Gallup and do testify, that, according to the applied methodology, the share of the President’s supporters peaked during the tenure of 46%. But this figure is only 1 percentage point higher than recorded in April, when Muller has not yet released its conclusions.

And finally, the average rating, according to the website RealClearPolitics, also increased by 1 percentage point to 44%, which, again, should not surprise too much, as from January 2018 it ranged from 40% to 45%.

Sociologists Mike Roberts and Peter HART, working, respectively, on the Republican and Democratic party, noted that the opinion of voters to a much greater extent depends on their political affiliation and not the results of the investigation, and in General they resemble the members of the jury can not come to a decision about whether the defendant is guilty or not.

82% of the respondents were acquainted with the findings of Muller, and 37% of them decided that trump was telling the truth during the investigation, and 60% suspected him of dishonesty. In addition, 29%, Mueller acknowledged that the President did not break the law, 42% do not consider his findings justifying, and 29% have been unable to answer this question. But anyway, in March, 16% believed that Congress had sufficient grounds for the impeachment, 33% insisted on additional investigation, and 47% believed that trump should leave alone, in April those figures have changed minimally, respectively, to 17%, 32% and 48%.

At the same time, the election 2020 can be marked by a high voter turnout. 75% of Republicans estimated at 9 and 10 points on a 10-point scale their interest in the ongoing campaign, also responded and 73% of Democrats, and with the independent total figure was now 69% (for comparison, in April 2015 it was equal to 60%).

Of all the politicians running for leader is the trump firmly to vote for him decided 25% of respondents, and former Vice President Joseph Biden gives him 8 points. If we take into consideration those who have some doubts, it is trump going to support the 47% and Biden — 41%. But at the same time strongly against these candidates, respectively, 49% and 24%.

As for primaries, 70% of Democrats (including undecided) sympathetic to Biden, and his closest pursuer is Senator Bernie Sanders of 62%.

For candidates from this party is a positive thing is that now, in contrast to the campaign of 2016, a priority for voters are questions of health, not the economy and labour market, the situation in which trump regularly (and rightly) takes credit. At the same time, Republicans can be encouraged by the fact that from April 2015 the theme of immigration and border security has risen in the list of the most relevant from 6th place to 2nd.

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