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As reported by the Office of information and regulation of the White house, in the summer season, companies wishing to invite seasonal workers from abroad, we will provide 30 thousand H-2B visas, despite the fact that the government has not yet decided what should be the volume of legal migration.

In General, such a number of visas is limited to 66 thousand, which is equally divided between summer and winter seasons. However, the demand for manpower is always higher, as a result, Congress annually authorizes the Executive to raise this limit. So, in 2017-2018, the Ministry of labour and national security have increased it for 15 thousand.

Statistics promulgated by the U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, shows that in the first place foreigners invite companies engaged in agriculture, construction, logging, restaurant business, landscaping, and repairs.

They do not have enough employees, especially due to the fact that currently the unemployment rate is very low. However, at the same time, this practice raises protests — in particular, the head of the organization NumbersUSA Roy Beck noted that because of attracting labour force from abroad, the salaries of Americans grow more slowly than one would expect. And besides, millions of citizens remain unemployed.

For the restriction of legal immigration advocate and some members of the administration — in particular, Steven Miller, who offered to reduce the number of visas H-1B for highly skilled employees, as well as b-1 and b-2 provided for entry into business and tourist purposes. However, he called for such sanctions only against countries whose citizens most frequently exceed the stay on the territory of the United States.

For his part, the President, Donald trump is trying to fulfill a campaign promise and provide jobs, especially for Americans. So, the Department for human rights of the Ministry of justice implements Protecting U. S. Workers Initiative — a program aimed at identifying companies that prefer to hire non-U.S. citizens and seasonal workers from abroad.

For the duration of this program 5 firms signed a settlement agreement, admitting his guilt in the misuse of H-2B visas and paying large fines. And this year for the first time such an agreement was concluded in connection with the manipulation of visa H-1B.

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