“I feel like a monster”: she developed facial paralysis due to stress at work

Shane Aldrich (34) from new York for the first time noticed that something is wrong in the Jan.

She tried to fight off colds during the celebration of thanksgiving in 2 days, but then forced myself to go to work. She works as a waitress and it was just the busiest period.

Shortly after the New year, making pizzas with her husband Patrick (31) and 8-year-old daughter Lola, she ate the olive, and noticed that it tastes like metal. My husband and daughter replied to this remark incomprehension.

Shane and think forgot about it, until I woke up the next morning with a numb chin, and numb lips. The next day she was paralyzed all over the face.

In the center of emergency medical aid doctors conducted tests and found that she developed a rare form of facial palsy, which affected both sides of her face. They believe that the cold girl was a virus from which she shrugged. In addition, in this moment, she was experiencing stress, so the disease was able to progress.

Shane says: “I was prescribed steroids to reduce swelling around nerves and, in fact, told me I had to wait. Recovery would take from 2 weeks to 2 months. At the very least 2 years”.

Shaina’s face was paralyzed for 5 weeks, during which she could not normally eat and drink. She could not talk and even blink, because her left eye would not close. But the hardest thing Sheina was the reaction of passers-by as she walked down the street. Because of paralysis of her face was twisted, which prevented her from talking to people.

“I felt like a monster. Most of the time I tried to laugh at himself, comparing himself with Quasimodo from “the Hunchback of Notre Dame”, but after the last few weeks to laugh was becoming more difficult”,- says Shane. “Because of my age, looking at my face, many people wondered what it could be. I’m too young to have a stroke, so many people gave me puzzled looks. When I say that my face was paralyzed, I mean that it really didn’t move. So when I laughed or smiled, moving only half of the face. We laughed about it, and the laughter made me forget about the thought that I might be paralyzed forever”.

A month later, she was at work and when she laughed at something her colleague exclaimed that moved her entire face. By the time she got used to the fact that shows emotions only half of the face, but recovered after a month, again felt like myself.

“A side effect of the steroids was that the mirror was looking at me a stranger. It’s nice to know you. People don’t understand what the neuritis of the facial nerve, until it happens to them or someone they know. If you are diagnosed, remember that you are not alone. Read more about this disease and just take care of yourself”.

She could not eat, drink, and even blinking for 5 weeks, because of Abraham at work led to a complete paralysis of the face updated: May 29, 2019 author: Elena Abdulaeva
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