The US announced its gas “molecules of freedom and democracy”

An unusual statement was made by representatives of the U.S. government at the international conference on clean energy.

Officials of the U.S. Department of energy spoke about the achievements of States in natural gas production at the Ministerial conference on clean energy in Vancouver. Representatives of the Ministry spoke about the achievements of Americans in the production of gas. Boasted expansion of export terminal Freeport LNG natural gas liquefaction on the island of Quintana.

However, the attention of CNN reporters drew no achievement, and how the Americans are positioning their products. In particular, as follows from the minutes of the meeting, Deputy energy Minister mark Menezes stressed that the increase in export capacity “is crucial for the distribution of gas freedom around the world, giving America’s allies are diverse and available source of clean energy.”

And this idea about the export of American gas “freedom and democracy” is firmly stuck in the minds of participants, it is again repeated in his speech, the assistant Minister Stephen Winberg.

“I am pleased that the Department of energy is doing everything possible to promote an effective regulatory system, which allows the molecules of American freedom exported around the world”, — quotes RBC of Wynberg.

Note that in 2018, the LNG exports from the US to European countries, according to the report of the International Association of liquefied natural gas importers (GIIGNL), was 2.7 million tons More of 10.73 million tonnes, the United States implemented the Asian countries. At the same time, Russia has overtaken the United States, putting European countries of 4.43 million tons, and the Asian — 12.86 million t. Obviously, because Americans through Ukraine are trying to convey the idea to the consumers about the Russian “gas freedom”.

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