A tumor in the brain of a woman from new York was a tape worm

In January last year, the 42-year-old Rachel palm from middletown (new York) began to notice a disturbing change: and then she forgot words, could barely finish sentences, and even from time to time tried to contact long-dead family members. Rachel was tormented by hallucinations and insomnia, but because of the tremors she could not hold the mug.

Consultation doctors have not helped up to visit the Mount Sinai hospital in September — where in the fMRI in the left temporal lobe of the brain women doctors noticed a swelling.

Rachel warned: there is a high probability that she has cancer, and one operation is not limited. Need serious treatment — including chemotherapy, radiation and further surgical intervention.

“My husband was in complete shock, says palm and just wanted to get rid [of the tumor]. I didn’t even let myself think about the fact that I do have cancer”.

Soon Rachel lay on the surgical table — however, when her skull was opened, to begin the three-hour procedure, did not find the tumor. Instead, doctors found a tapeworm.

“In her brain was a parasite extract which is not easy. — says Dr. Jonathan Rasuli who participated in treatment Rachel — We were so happy. Rare to see tape worm in and say, “Wow, how cool!”

Geplaatst door Rachel S Palma op Woensdag 1 mei 2019

Palma admits that she felt a great “relief“upon learning the news. Although she still doesn’t know how the parasite got into her system, that does not stop a woman to celebrate a miraculous healing.

“I stopped asking questions and just <…> trying to enjoy life — now that I know that it may slip away from your fingers at any moment,” says Rachel in an interview with ABC 7.

Tapeworms usually live in the intestines of animals and can get into human body through food, provided that the meat has passed the insufficient heat treatment. After that the worm is “attached” to the internal media, which uses to obtain nutrients and begins to grow. However, the stress in the Mayo Clinic, the parasite can leave the intestines and infect other organs.

The new Yorker thought that she had a brain tumor. It turned out — it was the parasite updated: May 30, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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