Confirmed the existence of Moses: scientists have proven that the Red sea parted for the Jews

Specialists who study ancient artifacts that could prove the authenticity of the existence of the biblical character.

It should be noted that the above opening has a direct affiliation with Abdul Muhammad Galeru. This expert group of underwater archaeologists managed to find fragments of weapons, ammunition and even chariots. Surprising is the fact that the finds at the bottom of the red sea, dated to the 14th century BC. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First on the Korean island there was a “Moses miracle”.

The artifacts were exactly where, according to the Bible, the Jews under the leadership of Moses fled from Egyptian slavery. At the bottom there is a lot of skeletons of soldiers of the Egyptian army. The Scriptures tell us that the body of water parted in front of people, but then became a place of burial of the army of Pharaoh, the despot.

In confirmation of the theory about the truthfulness of the biblical tradition is the presence of a large number of human remains and artifacts. If in the above case, the death occurred as a result of the shipwreck, then it would be on this place were found fragments of marine vehicles. Now, scientists have set out again to check the validity of the proposed hypothesis.
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