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As the former chief counsel of the Federal Bureau of investigation Jim Baker, the leadership of this Department, many feared that its then Director, James Comey intends to blackmail Donald trump, when the latter had already been elected President but not inaugurated.

The meeting between them took place on January 6 and the main cause for concern to the FBI was that Komi did not report Trump on suspicions that Moscow had sent that prostitutes. “If the Director did that, there would be every reason to compare his behavior with the fact that allowed himself to J. Edgar Hoover — said the Baker. But we came to a joint decision that one only has to warn that the press has some unproven data that can be published.”

Only now it became clear that in the early stages of an investigation regarding the intervention of Russia in election campaign in the FBI were heated debates about how it is conducted and how much information to provide to the Trump. Baker argues that the representatives of this Agency have not violated the law, and agreed to give an official statement to the Federal district attorney of Connecticut John Daramy, who is the head of the Ministry of justice was instructed to conduct an inquiry. “I’m not afraid of sharp questions and help you find out all the facts, he added. — My desire to work is because I’m sure the legality of all actions taken, — at least in this convince me all the data known to me”.

According to Baker, the FBI would have carried out their duties only if it would not investigate reports about the connections of the electoral headquarters trump with Russia. “This information was very disturbing, he said. — It was enough suspicion that someone from the entourage of the candidate could know about such contacts and did not notify us about them.”

At the same time, Baker and Komi Republic disagreed about what and how to tell the Trump. After all, it was about meeting the head of the us intelligence community with the elected President, who was to notify that, perhaps Russia helped him win the election. Baker was sure that Trump should have to tell you that he also may become involved in investigations as guiding the work of his staff, he at least could know what was happening, and therefore the FBI had to investigate his actions.

But Komi is still not gone, assuring the President that for him no questions, which was subsequently paid — one of the reasons for his dismissal was that he refused to declare publicly that trump’s name in the case did not appear.

Baker said that in 2016, the FBI, after receiving dossier, compiled by a former agent of the British secret service by Christopher Steele, seriously reacted to this information. “We cannot say that we considered all data are fully credible, he added. But they didn’t seem fake, and therefore, deserve study.”

Links to this information in October of that year was given in the request for permission to wiretap Carter Paige, the former adviser of the electoral headquarters of the trump.

Even last summer, before the election, the FBI had intended to warn about possible links between his entourage and Russia, but declined due to the lack of clear evidence.

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