Triple fiasco of the Venezuelan opposition

It took 4 months after the start of attempts to overthrow Maduro. Those who said that “time Maduro has expired”, is now more shamefully keep quiet, so as to read the mantra about the doom of the regime in Venezuela, where as easier than to explain why it happens and who’s to blame (Cuba, Russia, China, Iran or someone else). Below, Spanish material, where the author focuses on the problems within the Venezuelan opposition. It should be noted that these problems could not be, because the problems of the Venezuelan opposition are a reflection of the challenges the hegemonic model of the United States, which in recent years increasingly operates on the principle “and so will descend”. But to get away with less and less.

The website for investigative journalism Estrategia (Spain), which is obviously the left side of the political spectrum criticize the actions of Guido and its sponsors in the United States. How to explain inconsistencies in their calls and actions? The economic blockade and the promise to feed the people, if he changes the power. The supposedly random outages — and the fact that the Americans declare them in advance. Stupid, vulgar, embarrassing.

It is difficult to understand why the Venezuelan opposition, everything goes awry, and why they always admit mistakes. Even issues that should not be in doubt — for example, participation or non-participation in elections. I always thought that something is better than nothing, but this wording does not suit them, they are the opposite.

For example, in December 2005, four opposition parties, which had the best chance, not to participate in parliamentary elections because of “lack of safeguards”, although the polling stations were attended by prominent international observers. They missed a third of the seats in the National Assembly, without receiving anything in return. Zero divided by zero and ended up with zero.

Don’t know what they did, but their leaders were satisfied, but the supporters, not so much. They try to look decent, but they have nothing. They come from some high-sounding nonsense — both in the past and now.

Trying to understand the causes of these troubles, I have come to the conclusion that several of them, and above all it is a mess in the manual. Personal ambition and vanity made it impossible to create cross-party alliances and the confluence of the various movements.

The political leaders of the opposition cut of the same measure, but each considers itself the most important and more worthy than others. They all consider themselves noble but everyone is nobility.

They may have certain titles in the complete absence of nobility, good pedigree and come from wealthy families, but it is only able to cobble together political groups unhappy with far-reaching plans.

In addition to the detachment from reality, a precarious social base of impermanence and frustration inherent in these groups, confusion in the camp of the opposition has still a lot of reasons, which are superimposed one on the other: unhealthy desire to teach others, indifference, carelessness, disorganization, corruption and incredible stupidity.

The representatives of the opposing (i.e. Pro-government) camp, of course, there are many positive features. They were Chavez and certainly have Maduro. Otherwise, how could he overcome obstacles from the authorities, that the efforts of internal and external forces in a veritable minefield?

Not necessary to be seven spans in a forehead to understand that even though the government makes mistakes, it is guaranteed manages the state. While the opposition continues it is foolish to gloat. The whole operation is a continuous act of faith, auto-suggestion. They insist they’re using their subversive activities, they will come to power, and legitimate President will be suspended for several days. Twenty years (since the arrival of Chavez to power in 1999 — approx. ed.) they spread stories, and twenty years believed in them.

Only in 2019, the Venezuelan opposition, with the support and patronage of the current presidential administration in the USA (which feels the state of readiness of their charges) made three frontal attacks. And three times failed. Three senseless and malicious actions, which do not distinguish between right and wrong, causing more damage to allies than enemies, like combat drones, which kill more civilian than military, but at the same time and destroyed more hospitals than military purposes.

First fiasco: charity double bottom

The first attack was the attempt to deliver humanitarian aid, which the legitimate government and did not think to ask. This was an attempt at humanitarian intervention in the country who are in difficulty primarily because the United States itself, the authors of this idea, Venezuela was subjected to the most severe blockade, especially in recent months.

It was assumed that assistance will be available with the filing of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID), which enjoys a very bad reputation in Venezuela and in the entire Western hemisphere because of its ties with the CIA and cases of interference in the internal Affairs of other countries.

It should be remembered and that provide food aid or bad quality, or even contain harmful substances. Several years ago it experienced Bolivians received from USAID genetically modified, worthless foods. In the end, in 2013, USAID expelled from Bolivia for subversive activities and interference in the internal Affairs of the country.

In fact, the very phrase “humanitarian assistance” is quite meaningless, and false in fact. It’s just a mockery, because the humanity in her and was missing.

In 2004 Edward Wadi said (EdwardW. Said) in the work “Humanism and democratic criticism” writes about the techniques that had just started to use and are now widespread:

“The bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO forces in 1999 was named ‘humanitarian intervention’, despite the fact that its impact has stunned the world with no humanity”.

Through the town of Cucuta (Cúcuta) tried to cross the border of Venezuela all the same members-provocateurs and young people staging riots in the area of Altamira (Altamira) in Caracas, which the day before had crossed the whole country on five buses and several dozen cars.

They drove nine hundred miles, to re-cross the border with packages of rice and salt? Came all this way just to attend a charity concert “Music for Venezuela: help and freedom” (Venezuela Live Aid) and look at the mediocre performers of advanced age and those with whom they get drunk in Miami? Well how here not to suspect that, in hamlet, something is rotten in the “state of Denmark”?

23 February 2019 will be engraved in the historical memory as a day of hunger games, when some mighty Lord took advantage of the scarcity and misery of the population, trying in vain to reach the Palace of Miraflores, in order to hoist your tricolor with seven stars.

The second fiasco: homeland in the dark from the power outage

Sabotaging the power grid is not something new or original. The Americans have used similar methods in Iraq and Libya, which destroyed power plants and transmission lines, water supply and poisoned the natural sources of water which could destroy their powerful bombs.

Perhaps part of the power outages were a consequence of insufficient attention from the technical services may be somewhere in the mains simply demanded a more thorough maintenance. I do not know. But it is pointless to try to convince the people and the international community that a NUMBER of mass power outages is random. But these outages have caused great damage and cost the country tens of human lives.

Coincidental misfortune could not be a result of the actions of random people. It was not just a small group of attackers, who are obsessed with crazy ideas, but the organized criminal gang. It consisted of simple technical artist, and have lost conscience, but skillful leaders. And there was a group of political cover that included us congressmen. How else to explain the fact that Congressman Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) in 23 minutes before the blackout said that backup generators also failed. How did he know about it beforehand?

A few hours before the accident, at noon on 7 March, Rubio, speaking in a Senate Subcommittee on foreign Affairs, prophetically said:

“Venezuela is entering a period of troubles, which felt no country in the Western hemisphere in modern history.”

A special gift of foreseeing the fatal events? Powerful clairvoyance in respect of those events that is politically advantageous? Irresponsible verbiage with the aim of confusion and the already depressed population? Or outdoor sadism geek, aspiring to the role of policy? The desire to act as the mouthpiece of the rabid pests? Or Rubio just knew in advance about the crime that was prepared by his cronies?

The third fiasco: the formula coup

There is no doubt that the Venezuelan opposition in all cases carefully follow the instructions of Gene sharp (GeneSharp) relatively “soft coup” (the year of occurrence of the term — 1994). After all, this is gene sharp outlined 198 methods of application of “soft power” in her nauseating little book “From dictatorship to democracy”, where he rants about the inadmissibility of violence, although the book is essentially about the war, and therefore about death.

This technique worked in many countries, but not in Venezuela.

Let’s think about the reasons. Perhaps we should look to the steps taken by the Juan Guido during the recent coup attempt aiming to overthrow President Maduro.

In compiling the sequence of events I was helped by someone who is familiar with the power games in Venezuela and who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons. Here are just a few starting points to a failure of the strategy of the coup.

For the coup, Guido looking for allies in the National guard, the most undisciplined and poorly armed the structure of the National Bolivarian armed forces (FANB). The second nest of the coup sbyvaetsja in the National Bolivarian intelligence service (SEBIN) — the political police, do not have real power, with the newly appointed Commissioner-General.

He began with the capture of air bases, “La Carlota” (La Carlota), and release of famous opposition leader Leopold Lopez (Leopoldo López), her rich boss, the mastermind of the atrocities in the streets. When the rebels went to the air force base, then, of course, everyone was aware of the committed illegal actions. Thus, Guido missed the opportunity to use the element of surprise and distractions.

He then placed the headquarters of the coup on the bridge, that is, unprotected facility is open for firing rubber bullets (or something else).

The first leader of the opposition, which took Guido, was Edgar Zambrano (Edgar Zambrano), who tried clumsily to greet the new recruits, who gave him the honor. Zambrano violated while acting in the Venezuelan army’s rigid hierarchy. But all this is according to American instructions were broadcast live, so that no one had any doubt that the coup went.

From foreign heads of state first announced its support of the coup by the President of neighboring Colombia, Ivan Duque. He caused resentment in the armed forces traditionally opposed the intervention of the Colombian authorities in the internal Affairs of other States. This confirms the already well-known thesis that, Guido is a puppet of foreign powers. But in the ranks of supporters of the Maduro has a national rise.

Guide encourages people to street protests, but people do not understand what to require and where to protest. Yet no high-ranking soldier has claimed responsibility for the attempt of coup. Moreover, once the clashes begin, a few military rebels low ranks, prefer to disappear from the scene, leaving the fate of his subordinates, who immediately give up and say that was basely deceived. Of course, they in one voice insists on its loyalty to Chavez and Maduro.

Guido photographed on the area of Altamira in the 300-400 surrounded by his supporters, and then sends unarmed frail youngsters, so they blocked the path of armored personnel carriers. He urged his supporters to convene opposite of military units scattered throughout the country and allegiance to the government.

The so-called leader of a coup in the photo surrounded by his associates. In his casual conversation with reporters, he denies any connection with the rebels. And the rebels are trying to hide. The wife and children of Leopoldo Lopez, Guido see on television in the Chilean Embassy. They can’t come to the Pope, because the Pope ducked through the open door of the Spanish Embassy.

After all that had happened, Guido said about the victory. But it is silent on the arrested military. And, of course, he thanked the international community and calls on the Armed Forces for further action.

If he had read the work of “Martin Fierro” (1872), he had a very terrific opportunity to quote the following lines: “…once we have to come / and then find out where.” Yes there: if, Guido something I read once standing, he would now be quiet.

But this did not happen. As if nothing had happened, he urged his supporters to take part in the procession May 1st, an iconic date for all left forces in the world.

A few weeks before that, Rubio said: #MaduroRegimeisacompletedisaster (“mode Maduro is a complete disaster”). Held next month, comes to an end next and what is the result? The share of humanitarian aid has failed, further blackouts prevented, the probability of civil war disappeared, because no one to fight, talk of an invasion subsided. And Guido disappeared like an octopus in its ink. In this scenario, a Congressman from Miami still continues to believe that the Maduro regime is a total disaster? Hey, mirror, mirror, who on earth all the more stupid?

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