Yuri Dmitriev was transferred to St. Petersburg for a new psychiatric examination

The head of the Karelian “Memorial” Yuri Dmitriev was transferred from Petrozavodsk to St. Petersburg for a new psychiatric examination. On 16 July the Russian service RFI said the lawyer, Yuri Dmitriev Viktor Anufriev.

The lawyer said that the examination should be held in the municipal psychiatric hospital No. 6 in St. Petersburg. “Appointed sexologist, psychologist, psychiatric examination,” said Anufriev. The defense is still unknown the names of the experts.

Victor Anufriev was found with his client in the St. Petersburg jail. He told RFI that Yuri Dmitriev “in excellent condition with body and spirit, believe in the legitimacy, justice, and wise judgment, clean shaven, looks young and ready to fight for justice.”

Six months ago the office in the Moscow center of a name Serbian has already admitted the historian mentally healthy, no sexual deviations. According to the lawyer, the court has attached to materials of a new business the results of the previous examination. “They rely on expert opinion, which would suit the prosecution, — o (have Dmitrieva) sexual anomalies and other pathologies, and the like. Apparently, that’s the idea. They’re looking for how to blame him,” added the lawyer.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Victor Anufriev told the publication, “7×7”, 16 July the Supreme court of Karelia had to consider a complaint for the arrest of the historian. But during the trial the judge read out a telephone message that Dmitrieva was transferred to Saint Petersburg. Consideration of the complaint the measure was postponed until July 23.

The first time Yuri Dmitriev was arrested in December 2016 on suspicion of child pornography and indecent assault. In his computer they found pictures of his adopted daughter Natasha without clothes. He had explained that he photographed for the control of the development of girls and report to the guardianship.

In early April, the Petrozavodsk city court fully acquitted the historian, but the Supreme court of Karelia acquittal in June was canceled. The case was sent for further investigation in connection with “again opened circumstances”. At the end of June Dmitrieva was detained again on new criminal case — about the sexual abuse of minors.

Victor Anufriev notedthat the basis of the new charges — the testimony of thirteen-year-old Natasha. According to him, the girl probably weighed, including her own grandmother who sacrificed their Natasha in an orphanage. The girl lived with her from December 2016, when they arrested her adoptive father. According to the lawyer, Natasha also appointed psychological and psychiatric examination.

Yuriy Dmitriev is a historian, publicist, the head of the Karelian branch of “Memorial”. Of the expedition under his leadership discovered the mass graves of the victims of the Great terror in sandormokh and the Red forest. The human rights center “memorial” considers his persecution politically motivated.
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