Unearthed the remains of a representative 5-meter race of giants in Siberia found the skeleton of a huge giant

The inhabitants of one of the Russian settlements were discouraged by the new discovery of archeologists.

According to preliminary calculations, the skeleton of a giant reaches a height of 5 meters. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First in Laos was discovered in a burial of the giants.

Before seekers of ancient artifacts have been known to find fragments of giants, but their size was three meters.The area itself is a rocky area with dense, ancient forests. Experts suggest that in ancient times in the area lived Atlanta who were great people.

Remarkable Siberian archaeologists during the implementation of the excavation was able to identify the remains of a man, with the fact that the giant structure is fully consistent with the human. Moreover, experts infer that the identified remains of giants could be a dead-end branch of development of the individuals on the Blue planet. The experts infer that such a gigantic growth contributed to a huge concentration of oxygen on the globe.

Unfortunately a very big, a gradual decrease in the oxygen content in the atmospheric layers killed such a powerful creature.

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