George Conway: “trump is a narcissistic Narcissus”

Although Kellyann Conway and is an Advisor to the White house, it does not bother her husband, George Conway, to sharply criticize President Donald trump.That reviews the latest on the investigation conducted by Robert Mueller, according to his opponent, “a pure manifestation of his own ego, for which you will have to pay a departure”.

On his Twitter page Conway, first of all, said that the actions of Muller were undertaken in full accordance with the law and the intervention of the authorities of the hostile countries in the democratic electoral process. “In the interests of all Americans, regardless of for whom they voted should examine the incident and to publish the conclusions, to ensure that this happens again, and not to make unauthorized attempts to prevent it,” he added.

Instead, according to Conway, trump responded to the investigation as not just a malignant narcissist, but a sociopath. “He chose not to act in the interests of a country whose Constitution and laws were sworn to protect, but only in their own, considering the actions of Mueller, as an attack on his “great victory”, which really was won, despite the fact that he gave 3 million less votes than opponent — said Conway. — This is evidenced by numerous attempts to hamper the investigation and send it on the wrong track”.

These statements came after, as trump also taking advantage of Twitter, called to think: “I became President as a result of one of the most intense campaigns in history, and the investigation undertaken by the intelligence services and Democrats, was started long before I took office, and according to suspicions, the invalidity of which could be proved. Nothing like this has ever happened in American history, and it turned out to be fiction, a witch hunt. This must not happen again!”.

“Even now, despite the reasoned conclusions of the intelligence and evidence contained in the report of Muller, you refuse to acknowledge that the Russians were serious — parried Conway. — You chose the path of lies, calling the investigation a “fake” and a “coup attempt”, not even mentioning the behavior of Russia in the recent ninety-minute conversation with Putin — the one who intended to discredit our institution. You put personal interests above national, which, it seems, do not respect and do not respect. It is the greatest insult to the country that the crime, under the Constitution developed by the founding fathers, should be a cause for removal from high public office.”

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