Disputes will not improve the situation

According to 36% of survey participants Hill-HarrisX, ongoing trade negotiations with China will lead to the creation of less favorable economic conditions for Americans. 31% believe that changes do not happen, and 33% are confident in the emergence of new jobs and new opportunities.

On this issue Democrats and Republicans disagree, but not as dramatically as many others. Among the first of the deterioration of the trade debate are expecting 58% and the second 59% are hoping for the best. It is, in principle, not so much of a difference when you consider that 86% of Democrats are criticizing the President’s actions of Donald trump in General, and 82% of Republicans, by contrast, agree with him. As for independent voters, the majority are those who believe that change will not happen (41%), while the optimists and pessimists consider themselves, respectively, 28 and 31%.

Negative moods become more pronounced with age: 48% of those 65 and over believe that the negotiations will adversely affect the economy, though this view is shared by 38% of Americans who are 50 to 64. Among 35-49-year-old share of those who believes most likely one of three scenarios, approximately equal to, and in the ranks of young people (under 35 years), most of those who are not expecting change (38%), 34% hope to improve, while 28% fear of worsening economic problems.

Himself Donald trump is not only confident in his diplomatic abilities but also assures that none of the candidates to replace him as the Democratic party will not be able at this level to negotiate with Chinese President XI Jinping or any other foreign leader.

Meanwhile the trade confrontation with China has been ongoing for about a year and causes a variety of reactions from legislators, and sometimes quite unexpected. So, many Democrats support tough stance taken by the White house, while some Republicans concerned about the impact of the introduction of customs duties for the agricultural economy of States and political stronghold of the conservatives.
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