Mathematics teacher adopted student, so he could get a kidney

Damien from childhood roamed foster families. In 8 years the boy was diagnosed with kidney failure, and he was faced with the issue of transplantation. The foster care is not an easy task, especially when he has serious health problems. Damien needed dialysis, a special diet, medication and special care, trained person.

Every time he changed foster family, lost a place in the queue for a new kidney: patients who need a transplant should have a permanent place of residence. Therefore, the only way for a child was to spend the days doing dialysis waiting for a miracle. A big part of his life was spent alone in the hospital.

Math teacher, Finn Lanning, notice the class smart guy, when Damien moved to a relative in Colorado and began attending a local school. The boy went to the amendment, was to succeed in the classroom. Doctors returned the boy to the waiting list for transplantation. But a few weeks before the winter holidays a relative of the teenager made the difficult decision to return the child to the County hospital. Damien spent the holidays and the rest of the year in a hospital bed and was again removed from the list of patients competing for a kidney.

According to his teacher, the boy is very independent and used to hide the difficulties from outsiders. However, Damien shares his story with Lanning when I went in to say goodbye. Finn decided that there will be another adult who failed this brave teenager.

He took the boy to him, and, 2 months later, Damien returned to the waiting list for transplantation. It was a tough decision, but the math teacher is sure that everything will work out. A few months Finn has quite mastered the art of caring for a foster child on dialysis. Lanning filed the adoption papers, but the certification process takes about 8 months. Until this new little family will not receive financial aid from the government. Because of the special needs boy has to spend a considerable amount of products, special furniture and medical supplies. Lanning started a fundraising platform GoFundMe.

“To entertain 13-year-old was more than I could imagine”,jokes the Finn.

Math teacher twice a week takes a day off to take Damian to the doctor for a checkup. The teachers at the school try to maintain Lanning, some go out of their weekend to replace Finn.

“The support of our school community is incredible. I could be in isolation. But we don’t feel alone on this journey. It’s cool.”

Math teacher adopted 13-year-old student to put it in the queue for kidney transplant updated: June 1, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya

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