Democrats supported the beginner

The speaker and the majority leader in the House of representatives Nancy Pelosi and Steni Hoyer, and Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called on Donald trump and other Republicans to apologize to the Congresswoman Rashid Talib, which has been criticized for his statements about the Holocaust and the Palestinians.

The trendsetter, an American of Palestinian origin, represents Michigan and is one of two Muslim women in the new composition of the Federal legislature.

Answering the question of whether it supports the creation of a single Israeli-Palestinian state will not lead to new conflicts, Talib said: “When I think about the Holocaust which was a tragedy, I think about what happened to my ancestors-the Palestinians who lost their land, and some of life. They have lost sources of livelihood, they tried just to erase from the face of the Earth. I think that after the Holocaust, the aftermath of this tragedy and terrible persecution which the Jews have been around the world, we are all in favour of attempts to create a protective environment for them. I’m glad my ancestors were also largely involved in such efforts. But they had to sacrifice their human dignity.”

The first to react whip of the Republicans in the House of representatives Steve Scales, who called this view anti-Semitic, and reminded that the Holocaust killed over 6 million Jews. Insensitive called such statements and trump, adding: “Talib clearly hates Israel and the Jewish people”.

At the same time, Pelosi and Hoyer believes that these words were taken out of context, for what, in their opinion, the Republicans should apologize to Talib and all the American people. At the same time remained without attention to the words of Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Dani Danon, who called the Congresswoman’s statements are not only anti-Semitic, but ignorant, stressing: “You should first learn history before trying to rewrite it”.

This position of the Democrats is in conflict with the opinion of their entire faction, which refused to stand to the side of his tropartic Ilhan Omar (the second Muslim in the House of representatives), when it stated that supporters of Israel thus “the oath of allegiance to another country”. In the end launched the enhanced resolution that not only condemned anti-Semitism and discrimination against Muslims, and all other manifestations of intolerance.

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