Newly-married couples Potap and Kamenskih admitted in a serious conflict

The couple openly spoke what in their family there were quarrels and how they solve them.

Famous singer Nastya Kamensky even admitted that sometimes they can afford to send the other over accumulated grievances, reports LigaNews reference

Newly, the couple were guests in the program “high life” on YouTube by the Ukrainian channel “1+1”, where admitted, how do you solve family conflicts.

According to Potapov, the Kamensky very difficult. It is known that there was even a case that the pair haven’t talked for 1.5 months during the tour. After the worked-out concerts, they just went home to different hotels.

“We both wind up in a bad mood. Relationships are not always normal, there are breakdowns. Sometimes he had to send each other,” confirmed the singer.

Artists for a long time hid their relationship and finally admitted. On the set of Ukrainian show “League of laughter” Potap confirmed for the first time that they have with Nastya Kamenskih novel.

On the “League of laughter” Potapov answered the questions of comedians. When the leader of one of the teams I asked the producer: “Muddy with Kamensky?” Singer immediately replied, “Yes.”

Olga Polyakova, who is also the jury of the show “the League of laughter”, also confirmed the relationship of the stars.

As previously reported LigaNews, video of the wedding of Potap and Nastya Kamenskih released online – exclusive video. It is also known that Kamensky originally congratulated her fiance farm happy birthday.
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