How to spend Teens?

This question is interested in at the investment Bank Piper Jaffray to find out that in 2018, the representatives of the “generation Z”, that is, 67 of Americans born during the period 1997-2012 years, spent on their needs about $77,2 billion in a Survey with the participation of about 8 thousand people were held in 47 States and the average age of the respondents was 16 years.

Among young men of wealthy families often spent on food, clothes, and video games — the proportion of money spent on it, respectively 23, 16 and 14%. In General, boys and girls of this category in 2019 will only pay for video games $235 each — at $ 44 more than the average obtained for the 15 previous surveys. When this game console is two-thirds of them.

In turn, the girls spend 25% of money on clothes and 24% for food and 11% — on cosmetics, and 90% prefer to buy while shopping and not via the Internet. In addition, in their list of prominent role is tickets for concerts, movies and sporting events, as well as shoes.

Interestingly, in terms of food among as quite wealthy and not so wealthy adolescents followed the leader by popularity — if earlier they preferred to visit Starbucks, now this place was occupied eateries Chick-fil-A, who occupied a high place in the rankings, beginning in the fall of 2017. In both demographic groups in the top five favorite places include McDonald’s. But if those who are richer, also prefer to go to Dunkin’ Donuts or Chipotle, the “middling” — at Taco Bell or Olive Garden.

In the autumn of 2017 the leader among brands of clothing remains Nike is preferred by 22% of respondents, while the nearest rival, the American Eagle, the share of supporters made up only 9%. The ten most popular also includes Adidas, Victoria’s Secret and lululemon, the latter for the first time.

As for shopping on the Internet, 50% go for them on Amazon. In the second place the Nike website, but it is preferred only 5%.
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