Massive ice under the Sands of Mars: the planet has found enormous deposits of frozen water

The American space Agency NASA said about detecting interesting phenomenon on the red planet.

Experts said that the North pole of Mars contains vast underground reserves of ice blocks. The above discovery was able to fix through the use of radar systems. Notable is the fact that frozen water has been found in the 1500-meter depth. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

This finding suggests that once on Mars, like the Earth, were the ice caps that have disappeared because of changes in the tilt of the planet. According to preliminary information, due to the melting data of deposits of Mars would be flooded with water half a meter. Most experts surprised by the fact that such a massive ice floes are under the sand.

Astronomers stressed that this phenomenon was made possible by protecting the Sands of the ice cover from the sunlight. In previous studies, scientists believed that the ice caps of Mars wasn’t even supposed to exist. At the moment scientists have to test the soundness of his own reasoning, in order to debunk one of the myths about the red planet.

Before astronomers could not identify within two days of Mars in space. Recall that Mars has revealed a window through which passes water vapor.
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