For some reason, Russia should not forget about Palestine?

The presence of Russian HQs in Syria, contrary to the plans of the US and Israel for the destruction of Syria, Iran and Palestine

Recently the new head of the justice Ministry of Israel, Amir Ohana, said that 90% of all acts of violence in the world is going Muslim. Saying so, he omitted, of course, about the suffering that Muslims brought the “enlightened West” and its ally Israel. From the hands of the us military in Iraq and Afghanistan have suffered half a million people, and casualties from Israeli operations in the Gaza strip hundreds. You don’t Ohan and attacks against Muslims in New Zealand persecution in Myanmar (Rohingya) and in Xinjiang.

The Cabinet of Benjamin Netanyahu needed a reason to justify the construction of Jewish settlements on the West Bank of the Jordan river and the blockade of Gaza – in short, to prevent the emergence of a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu’s statement is especially offensive to Muslims now, when they celebrate the end of fasting, Ramadan. Incidentally, on the same day you have another event – the Day of al-Quds. It is a day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, established by the father of the Islamic revolution in Iran Ayatollah Khomeini. Tied “al-Quds” the last Friday of Ramadan, he wanted to ensure that Muslims did not forget about the problems of the Palestinian people.

Day al-Quds noted in a number of countries, including Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Yemen. In Russia, solidarity with Palestine appears modest. This is evidenced by the very small number of publications about it in the media. Of Palestine I write rarely, only during the mass killings in Gaza or in the condescension of the Holy fire.

The conference, held on may 29 in Moscow, tried to compensate. The event was attended by the President of the strategic research Center “Russia – Islamic world” Shamil Sultanov, member of the Board of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian society Oleg Fomin, a representative of Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei Ayatollah Sabir Akbari of Diddy and members of the Embassy of Palestine.

The roundtable participants raised a number of issues, in particular – who is to blame in keeping the Palestinian issue and why citizens of Russia are poorly informed about violence against Palestinians?

Ayatollah Sabir Akbari of Giddy considers erroneous consideration of the Palestinian conflict in the plane of the “Arab-Israeli”. After all, the leading countries of the Persian Gulf have opened the door to the Israelis and betrayed the Palestinian cause. In particular, Saudi Arabia and crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has close contacts with Israel and Israeli lobby in the United States, with whom he met during last year’s visit to the United States.

Chief editor of the publication “MyVar” and conference participant Anastasiya Ezhova recalled that Palestine had to disappear from the world map back in 2000, however, thanks to the efforts of Iran to fight for the rights of Palestinians support more and more countries. In the vanguard is Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who had spent the conference of Muslim countries in Istanbul immediately after the decision by trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The European Union also criticized the policy of the United States for the destruction of the principle of “two States”. Hopes Palestine imposes on Russia. And this month, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is going to meet with Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the SCO summit in Bishkek.

According to Anastasia Ezhova that befell Palestine tragedy is not isolated event, as some think, and link the value chain to establish the American-Israeli hegemony in the middle East.

The bloody crackdown of the March of Return to Palestine, “the deal of the century”, the attempt to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, the excesses are forbidden in Russia, ISIS in Iraq, the barbaric destruction of the Yemeni-Saudi coalition – that’s the ominous milestone of this plan. But he confronted the forces of the axis of Resistance, brave and indomitable, and he is proud of the fact that Russia and SCD in some of these conflicts openly sided with the Axis,

she said.

In 2018, the US Embassy moved from tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 25-26 June in Bahrain, the Americans are planning to hold a summit with the countries of the Middle East, where Jared Kushner is going to present a “peace plan” for Palestine. It provides for the international legalization of the Israeli occupation, including the annexation of Jerusalem. Russia, China and the leader of Palestine has already announced boycott of the conference in Manama.

“Russia is home to representatives of all three religions for whom Jerusalem is a sacred place. Every year, hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Christians travel to the Holy city to the Holy Sepulchre to find the Holy fire. In the Islamic and Orthodox eschatology, the destruction of al-Aqsa mosque and the construction in its place of the temple of Solomon marks the arrival of the Antichrist. His throne, according to the traditions of some Orthodox saints who will be in the temple of Jerusalem”, – stated in the material of 23 may 2018.

In Arab media there was information that Israel along with the USA prepares for Russia proposal. Supposedly in Jerusalem will be held a trilateral meeting with the participation of the trump adviser for national security John Bolton, Israeli counterpart Meir Ben-Shabat and Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev. Like, in exchange for recognition of Assad, the Israelis and the Americans asked the Russians to help remove the Iranians from Syria.

If you remember what was said by the participant of the round table Anastasiya Ezhova, these tricks have the same goal – to exclude Russia from the middle East. Moscow is like a “pebble in the Shoe” of the US and Israel, intending to build a Jewish state “from sea to sea.” After the withdrawal of Iranian troops from Syria, Israel easily dealt with her, finally annexed the Golan heights – trump has already acknowledged their Israeli land. US activates of the militants to reject all the efforts of Russia from 2015, the year for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Syria.

After Syria the US and Israel will take on Iran and Palestine, whose weakening would mean the weakening of Russia in the region.

Kamran Hasanov, Constantinople
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