Documented another extinct species: in nature was not the last sumatrensis Rhino

Representatives of the scientific world stated another unpleasant fact in the animal world.

Unfortunately a very big, scientists have recorded premature death of the last member of the Sumatran rhinos. It was established that the deceased individual was male. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First, Hawaii has documented the existence of extinct plants.

The experts emphasized that a prerequisite for the death was the impressive age of the rhinoceros. Moreover, experts in the past few months, watched the animals in the Malaysian reserve. During the month, a Rhino was in the clinic because of renal failure.

In recent days, the Rhino with the nickname Tam, refused to eat and showed no signs of activity. All attempts by doctors to assist were not successful and did not differ productivity. According to one of the vets of the reserve, all his colleagues treated the animal with love and awe.

Estimates say that at the time of death of the Rhino was executed about 30 years. At the moment there is a female sumatrensis Rhino, but its location leaves more questions than answers.

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