France starts the world championship on football among women

In France on Friday, June 7, starts the world championship on football among women. For the victory will compete 24 national teams. In the opening match will play the team from France and South Korea, the game will start at 19:00 local time.

Women’s football exists since 1918. However, major sports Association has long refused to accept the players and not given them the stadiums.

The first football world Cup among women took place in 1969, supported the overall development of the feminist movement, but neither UEFA nor FIFA had not recognized. There were concerns about “the dangers of football to the health of women and their reproductive functions.” And only since 1970, the sports Federation finally beginning to take seriously the desire of women to play football. First entered competitions and began to win the American team. In the US “soccer” has always been considered women’s half sport, unlike American, which remained entirely male.

The team that will win in 2019, will receive 4 million dollars, ten times less than conquerors “men’s” championship, which was held in Russia last year. This allows professional players to raise the issue of salary equity. Thus, on 8 March, the international day of protection of the rights of women, team USA, which is currently the world champion, sued Los Angeles for the Football Federation of the United States, accusing it of discrimination. As evidence, they cite lower premiums than their male counterparts, and the worst conditions for training. In 2017 the Danish football players arranged for the same reason, strike. The greatest progress has been made in Norway. There the captains of the women’s and men’s teams signed in 2017, agreement on the equality of wages and conditions of work between the teams.

Favorites of the championship in 2019 are the teams of USA, Canada and Germany.
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