Opening of American scientists: at the bottom of the Indian ocean found a time capsule age 20 thousand years

Experts who study features of the earth’s surface, reported the discovery in one of the oceans.

The authors of the above findings are employees of the University of Chicago. According to them, the bottom of the Indian ocean contained an artifact that can be called a kind of time capsule. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before in the USA unearthed a time capsule of 60 years ago.

While exploring the ocean depths in the hands of geologists and oceanographers got fragments of limestone with remnants of sea water. According to preliminary calculations, the age of the artifact nearly 20,000 years. The water that experts were able to extract from sediments was more salty than ordinary sea water.

Most surprised by the fact that the water sample had no connection with the modern ocean, as was strikingly different composition. Through the above discovery, scientists were able to make a conclusion, according to which the concentration of salt water in the ocean in ancient times was much higher than in this era. Now scientists have to find out what effects the modification indices of salinity in the global ocean circulation.
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