Stunning images of the temples from the entrance to the altar in one photo

For photographer Richard silver another Church in new York was a real Epiphany: it suddenly visited by the thought: “how would a picture of the entire Church, from the altar to the entrance?” And since Richard is not as flexible as he would like, he couldn’t take a picture of the Church inside, not turning. Not wanting to break his neck, he decided to resort to good old tool photographers photoshop. He combined photos of the same Church, creating a sort of panoramic view from the inside. It turned out delicious.

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To make such pictures, Richard becomes the center of the aisle of the Church and makes 6-10 frames, which then imposes on each other. Pictured left: St. Vincent de Paul Church, Los Angeles. Right: Church of St. John the Baptist, new York.

Left: the Hallgrimskirkja Church in Reykjavik, Iceland. Right: St Andrew’s Church in düsseldorf.

Left: Church of St. Augustine in Vienna, Austria. Right: the Basilica of St. Patrick’s, new York.

Left: Church of San Francisco in Mexico city. Right: Cathedral of the Holy spirit in Mumbai, India.

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