The girl saved the lives of American doctors, but she still need a transplant of 5 organs

16-year-old Salma Bashir from Pittsburgh has a weakness for seafood — but even if she really wanted, Salma would not be able to eat them. Actually, Salma really haven’t eaten since 6 years. She has no gall bladder or small or large bowel. Where the rest of the digestive system, the girl for 10 years an open wound.

“Technically recognized Bashir Barcroft TV — I don’t need to eat, but sometimes I feel hungry. Maybe it’s some signals of my brain, and maybe it’s psychological. I honestly don’t know, but it would be great again to swallow food”. And yet she can only chew and spit out what prepares her mother.

All you need is calcium, glucose, vitamins, etc. — Salma gets dropped, so it is always TPN. Girl tied to your nutrient solution 20 hours a day. For its 16 years, it is very small. The food is not absorbed as there is no intestine and the organism is not developing according to age.

The accident which proved fatal.

Salma’s life changed when she was 6 — during a holiday at a resort in Egypt. To swim, they went with the whole family. Pregnant mother with an older brother went in the adult pool, and Salma was left to splash around in the wading pool for toddlers. At some point, the girl swam up to the suction valve: the baby is pulled to the hole, and the force was such that she literally pulled out the insides.

The lifeguard and the father tried to pull the child out of the water. When they managed to tear it from the valve, Salma fainted.

Her mother recalls with horror how I decided that my daughter landed in the red swimsuit, when in fact it was a huge wound and a ruptured intestine.

Moving to the USA

Egyptian doctors gave her few weeks of life, but the parents of Salma the whole family decided to go to Pennsylvania (USA) to American doctors saved her life. Bashir put on a waiting list for transplantation. A year and a half the family has already raised $300,000, it was the turn of the baby she got from a donor small intestine.

Alas, the hope that Salma will start life with a clean slate, did not materialize. The child’s body accepted the transplant.

After 6 months, the small intestine was removed at re-operation — together with large intestine and gall bladder. The girl needed a transplant of several vital organs: small intestine, large intestine, stomach, pancreas and liver. It will cost her parents at 3 million

In the US, the family of Salma lives on a visitor visa, state aid for their status are not entitled to, and insurance will not cover this amount. Salma opened the collection of funds for treatment on GoFundMe, which regularly reports on how she is doing and at what stage of the treatment. She has already raised nearly $52 000.

A normal teenager

Salma is a happy teenager who has a blog in Facebook. The girl has 56 thousand followers who like her tutorials on makeup “Slay With Salma”. On the one hand, it is a way to escape, on the other — a good chance to draw attention to the fundraiser.

Her mother says,”She was still smiling, she’s still a fighter, she challenges her problems. And she’s doing great”.

Along with my friends JC and Regan she’s taking a selfie, record a video with makeup lessons, swims in the pool. She met with children at the transplant center, the girls have a lot in common. J-si also have the sad experience of graft rejection.

Salma is not ready to give up. She wants to live life to the fullest and hopes that everything will work out.

An accident in the pool left the girl without intestines: she does not eat for 10 years updated: June 9, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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