A good master of ceremonies and competitions are interesting: Twitter users share fail with weddings

Wedding is the day to which the couple is prepared with special responsibility. The holiday is not has gone awry, you need to foresee everything and plan every detail. Every couple wants this day was perfect and all participants left with a positive experience.

But it might not go according to plan for every detail, starting with drunken guests and ending with the defects in the suit or clumsy photographers.

“Time for a # hashtag! Write something funny, strange or embarrassing happened at weddings, and mark with a hashtag #WeddingFail”.

Comedian and TV host Jimmy Fallon (Jimmy Fallon) asked Twitter users to share their stories of failures at weddings under the hashtag #WeddingFail. The flash mob was more than ever. Starting the wedding season, moreover, took place may 19th event, which many have been waiting for: the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“My mom got drunk at the wedding of friends and constantly touched my sister’s face, saying to his father, “Jim, we made it””.

“I was supposed to go to the altar, but we couldn’t find my father. My mom had to call him in the middle of the ceremony. It turned out that he was sitting in the room and watched the football, thinking he’s got another half hour. I laughed so hard”.

“During the ceremony the phone rang. The middle-aged priest did not like it, and he began to lecture on how to behave during the service. It turned out that he called his phone”.

“Slipped and fell while photographing the wedding. Took a shot while falling”.

“The priest asked if someone has any objections. Her 90 year old grandfather got up and stood for a moment in silence, and then sat down with the words: “no, No, I’m just kidding””.

“After my dad walked me down the aisle and before releasing my hand, he asked my fiance: “did You bring the money?””

“At our wedding the priest kept calling my husband Mike (his name is mark). And when he asked Mike whether he will take this woman to wife, his brother named Mike shouted, “I’m not marrying her!” Everyone laughed”.

“My cousin was a beautiful wedding outdoors. That only left the problem with the oath. During the speech cousin sat on the head of a mosquito, and his bride slammed. Of course, the guests of the insect had not seen, so we all just went numb”.

“I photographed a wedding, and then there was the groom. He looked very confused and didn’t know anybody. Not the groom, not the Church, not that day.”

“When the priest said “Speak now or forever hold your peace,” one woman chimed in: “Well…” Then the old man beside me exclaimed, “Linda, keep your fucking silence!” Linda just sighed and said: “Well””.

“When the bridesmaid wear shoes on such high heels that it is difficult to walk, and trying to dance.”

“I was late for my wedding. Got there by bus. My wife arrived in a rented Ferrari”.

As shown by the tweets of the users of the social network, a wedding is not always a perfect fairy tale, which we often represent. But sometimes due to fail on occasion turn out entertaining stories that long remain in the memory.

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