The amazing story of salvation from Novosibirsk predators which fed house cat

“What beauties with sad eyes!”, “Village Zamanilovka”, “Unexpectedly inspiring” — write the users of the network, to learn the history of the family of the predators from the zoo of Novosibirsk. Here are currently living in 11 of Pallas ‘ cats kittens and three momma — cat. When adult females of Pallas ‘ cats are unable to bring up three kittens on their own, babies to “adopt” a pet cat. And it is, in fact, a precedent — in the history of the breeding of Pallas ‘ cats in Novosibirsk (it begins with 1995) this has happened a couple of times.

“Over the period of infancy, the young of Pallas’ cats that were born at the zoo this spring. Mom no longer hide them in shelters, let them walk. Some zoo visitors have managed to see the kids, the photographers took the first pictures,” appeared a few hours ago the entry in the official community of the Novosibirsk zoo.

One of the first photographed the family of Pallas ‘ cats, was the photographer Sergey Kazakov. He watched predators a few hours, knowing that they are usually not in a hurry to show off in front of zoo visitors. With his permission Bigbitch shares his amazing staff lovely kittens who play with each other and with their mothers.

“I came to the zoo in a weekday so there were fewer visitors and the animals were more forthcoming, said Bigbitch Sergey Kazakov. — Salvation came about nine o’clock, as I expected that they will depart from his NAP and will be active. Actually, it turned out.”

At the zoo say that the biggest addition this year in the family of Pallas ‘ cats happened may 20 — the female gave birth to six kittens. A little before my mom was even a cat — she is now feeding two kids, though, and gave birth to five. Three kittens had to be weaned from the mother almost immediately — three days after birth. It was a necessary measure, since the kittens were born weak.

“Called nurse — home cat. This family now lives in a cage, inaccessible to observation. But we can assure you that cat was the three little’ula wonderful foster mom, they well gain weight and develop age. They already endure for a while in an outdoor aviary. Soon they are completely in it will move, and everyone will be able to watch the kids”, — told in the zoo of Novosibirsk.

The man’ula, serious predators in adulthood, are very vulnerable during infancy. Therefore, in the zoo of Novosibirsk organized a strict veterinary control of all stages of life of these cats. Since the species is endangered, the zoo must ensure the animals are extra security and a special meal.

Female Pallas ‘ cats, by the way, especially to the reverent mother, and by all means hide those babies for a few days or even weeks. This period is very important not to disturb the family.

By the way, Novosibirsk (in the framework of international and European programs for the conservation of a species) Pallas ‘ cats go to catteries all over the world. Now the man’ula, who grew up in Russia, live in zoos in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria, great Britain.

And another interesting (and, if you look closely at the photo, obvious) fact. Expression of muzzles of Pallas ‘ cats almost always either sad or indifferent. This is due to the peculiarities of the “persons” of predators. In fact, they are quite active and cheerful creation. However, to see the joy on the faces of Pallas ‘ cats is almost impossible.

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