“Not decent”, – Skobeeva “appreciated” Zelensky reaction to the incident with Merkel

Russian journalist Olga Skobeeva are unable to understand the reaction of the President of Ukraine, which was close to German Chancellor Merkel and didn’t help her in difficult times.

18 June in Berlin hosted a meeting of German Chancellor Merkel and the President of Ukraine Zelensky, the resource LIGAnews.

Representatives of their powers came to the briefing with the reporters on the street when the temperature of thermometer reached 30 degrees. Before we began to sound the national anthems of Russia, Merkel wasn’t feeling well, and she even started shaking. The experts agreed that the German Chancellor has had a sunstroke. Later, however, Merkel said that she was dehydrated and the glass of water she came to.

Next to Mekrel stood and smiled Zelensky. He did nothing and even tried to help Merkel.

It is on this fact and drew the attention of the journalist Skobeeva. On the page in telegrams channel she wrote that if the President has acted like a real man, he would have all the Germans were on hand.
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