For the events on Rustaveli Avenue in Tbilisi is responsible Biden. Arno Khidirbegishvili

As you know, 3 days before the events on Rustaveli Avenue in front of Parliament in Tbilisi at the invitation of the mother of Mikhail Saakashvili — Gyuli Alasania, visited the Senior Center Director Joe Biden of global engagement at the University of Pennsylvania Mikhail (Michael) carpenter, former assistant Secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia and a former foreign policy adviser to Joe Biden who was the last Vice President of the United States.

In his speech on arranged Gyuli Alasania conference on the influence of Russia on post-Soviet space, and in an interview with Yegor Kuropteva (TV “Starvision”, project “Border ZONE”) Michael carpenter, in particular, stated the need to restrict the flow of Russian tourists to Georgia, they say, is also one of the forms of the occupation and waking up one day you will see that the occupied are not 20% and 100% of your country! And that, allegedly among Russian tourists — a lot of scouts… provocateurs Bribed by Saakashvili, on the night of 20 to 21 June pushed the zombie hundreds to seize the Parliament building and overthrow the current government of Georgia, in good faith complied with the order of the carpenter, or rather part of it: as you know, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree No. 287 of June 21, temporarily banned civil air transportation between Russia and Georgia and recommended Russian tourists to refrain from visiting our country.

But not the restriction of Russian tourism was the main mission of the Trustee of the current candidate for President of the USA Joe Biden — like performance at the conference was only a pretext of a visit to Georgia Mikhail carpenter! The main task was to change the current government of Georgia and return her to power of Mikhail Saakashvili. The reason is not the friendship Biden to Saakashvili, the Foundation of which was laid July 24, 2009, during a one-day visit of the then Vice-President of the USA to Georgia, as mutual commercial business interests.

Exactly 3 months after the above-mentioned Biden’s visit to Georgia, by order of the President dated 20 October 2009 the government entrusted to implement the project of “Anaklia-port”, “the godfather” which was precisely Joe Biden, who took upon himself to provide American investment for the construction of the port. Instead, Biden received a share of the profits of the Consortium, and his son – hunter Biden — the position of Director in American-Georgian Consortium, which first would be built and then operated a profitable object.

But the new government of Georgia has preserved the project and the Biden family has engaged in corrupt machinations in the Ukraine, associated with shale gas that ended in the scandal of the century. As it turned out, the firm hunter Biden “Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC” from the company “Burisma” about 3 million dollars of illicit origin, Joe Biden had a rough higher pressure on the Ukrainian leadership, but the initiated proceedings, transferred to the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), was hushed up by the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Therefore, the commercial interests of Biden again switched to Georgia on the construction of the Anaklia port, which can move from the dead point only the return of Saakashvili at the head of the Georgian authorities.

The fact that the Georgian state is its share in the project – $ 300 million – has long been made and more will not give any gel because the local lobbyist for the construction of Anaklia port, the Prime Minister of Georgia, Geogre Kvirikashvili was dismissed for lobbying unprofitable for the state project, which had its own private interest, like Joe Biden. Another Kvirikashvili, head of the “Consortium Anaklia” the banker Mamuka Khazaradze — no money, no investors. And the US will not give a single dollar, because the Anaklia port, as well, and Georgia itself, President Donald trump is not interested – so much so that Washington for 2 years even sends here Ambassador. Yes, Georgia is the only country in the world without a US Ambassador! That also recognizes Michael carpenter in the aforementioned interview: “I regret to say that Georgia is not on the agenda in the US, not on the radar in Washington… first of all, I think it is caused by changes in the foreign policy of the current US administration. Georgia is a wonderful Ambassador to the United States, which promotes the interests of Georgia. But, on the other hand, in the last couple of years, in my opinion, Georgia is not moving in the best direction. Georgia has gone off the radar for senior officials in the administration of the trump. This is bad news. Almost one in Washington now pay attention to what is happening now in Georgia. Why so long there was no Ambassador, because it wasn’t in the priorities, someone was. If it were a priority, we would have here the Ambassador tomorrow. The American foreign policy elite, given this (project Anaklia – Ah) attention. Americans mostly know nothing about it. Elite pay attention to it, as the two American companies invested heavily in this facility. Strategically important object. It was one of the top priorities of the Prime Minister Kvirikashvili, economic development plan. It is of great importance and it is in the interests of Georgia. It is in the interests of Georgia, but, as I understand it, it’s not working,” says carpenter.

But if Saakashvili will return at the head of the Georgian authorities, he will build Anaklia port, and the money of the state budget, than happy and Joe Biden, and Mamuka of Khazaradze, which do not have to spend own millions, as required by the obligations of the contract! That’s why the tragic events on Rustaveli Avenue in the night from Thursday to Friday are included in the interests and Biden and Saakashvili, and Khazaradze, and certainly they were well organized or supported!

But their plans will fail again, remember Saakashvili was put on McCain, but the President was Obama, Saakashvili supported Clinton, but won the trump. Now Saakashvili hopes that next year the U.S. President would be Biden — and lose for the third time, because again, trump will win, no matter how many days didn’t last “gay pride parade” in front of the Parliament building on Rustaveli…

Arno Khidirbegishvili, Gruzinform
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