Each person granted a specific power: the ability that man has endowed nature

Experts said that every individual is granted the ability to possess magical powers.

It should be noted that the ability of an individual is directly dependent on the date of birth. It is enough to have information about a numerical code in order to understand what power is embedded in man from birth. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before it was installed, what will the head tilt about the person.

To cope with such knowledge, you need to add the month and year of birth to a unique value. So, the unity inherent in the huge willpower that will provide an opportunity to manipulate people, instilling in the minds of the people own ideas and worldview.

The number 2 gives the individual’s openness, which allows you to heal other people’s wounds. But these people need from time to time to replenish energy resources. The main weapon troechnikov is their language, which is able to translate words into reality.

People who have a relationship with four, are the owners of all the elements, so they are very hard to crush. Five able to hear those who have not. Follow your dreams and catch the surrounding signs.

Individuals who patronize the figure 6, can reach the very top, being able to control their own and others ‘ energy. Sevens can see prophetic dreams, and people numbers 8 given a magical beginning.

Nines are more sensitive to the world around them, as endowed with a creative soul.
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