Mysterious socialism

Despite the growing popularity of politicians who openly call themselves socialists, including Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, many Americans have little idea what constitutes this ideology.

A fifth of survey participants Hill-HarrisX altogether unable to answer this question, 13% believe that socialism is that the state owns certain sectors of the economy, 28% — in providing for all basic needs such as medical care, housing and work, 22% in the restriction of civil rights and political freedoms and 7% in the elimination of private property and 5% in the fight against poverty.

The positive or negative characteristics of selected respondents largely depended on their age. 44% of those 34 years, I believe that socialism is the provision of basic needs and the elimination of poverty, and only 27% of people aged 65 years and older share this view. The older generation often responded negatively: 36% described socialism as the abolition of private ownership and curtailing of civil rights, while in the ranks of the young people similarly expressed in all 29%.

Interestingly, the proportion of those who chose the positive characteristics, almost independent from income, she was about equal among those whose income does not exceed $75 thousand and more wealthy. Far more important was the level of education to formulate their attitude to socialism failed 25% of the population graduated from high school and 8% holders of a University degree. Is expressed, although not so, the responses from the race, the uncertainty about what constitutes this ideology was expressed by 27% of blacks, 22% of “Latino” and 18% white.

Anyway, during this campaign one of the leaders among the Democrats is Saunders, although the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and other party leaders do not tire to remind you that it is Pro-capitalist. In addition, according to Gallup, 43% of Americans believe that it would be nice to implement some socialist approaches, 51% opposed and 6% undecided.

With the upcoming elections it is important, to socialism are independent voters. 46% of them in the survey, Hill-HarrisX spoke about it negatively, and 19% chose a positive definition, while among Democrats the indicators, in contrast, accounted for 11% and 51%. In particular, 31% independent I believe that socialism is the abolition of the right to private property and limiting civil and political freedoms, and 28% — in the provision of basic needs and poverty alleviation.

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