US preparing the Iranian independence

Since the U.S. President abandoned the plan for the abolition of Iran’s nuclear sanctions, he will insist on the conclusion of a new asymmetric disadvantageous for Iran’s agreement with the Islamic Republic for its nuclear program.

According to Donald trump, Tehran was out of power his good advice. Trump said this after the leadership of Iran has sharply criticized the US sanctions.

“Unlike what was said about sanctions from the United States, that it is only a lever of pressure on the government, do not have a direct impact on ordinary people, we can really feel this “lever” in everyday life. Every day people falling into poverty,” said a young woman from Tehran, in an interview for Euronews.

Although the Iranian government is making all possible efforts to mitigate the impact of criminal sanctions by the U.S., the economy is getting worse: inflation is rising, foreign currency depreciates, and this only increases the pressure on the population.

Prices over the past two years has doubled. On the other hand, people’s incomes have not moved from the level of two years ago, up to 10-20 percent. In addition, many have lost their jobs due to the economic crisis.

The U.S. government has repeatedly made clear that it puts pressure on the government in Tehran, but leading independent experts say that the truth is that they want to cause a lot of dissatisfaction with life among the Iranian people to bring anti-government demonstrators to the streets. And in the future everything will be organized according to the usual scenario of “color revolution”.

Foad Izadi, a Professor at Tehran University, said that the purpose of sanctions is the impact on the population. They expect the masses begin a revolt because of the difficult living conditions. “So, if Washington declares that it uses the maximum pressure, which means that he wants to change the government in Iran,” he said.

Although Iran and the United States increasingly emphasize that they are trying to resolve the tensions peacefully, the events of the period often provoke a possible war.

According to Hawass, Montazeri, of Euronews, the General plan of joint action is first instilled some hope in the lives of ordinary Iranians, but the fact that trump came out of all of the agreements has caused serious financial problems. Obviously, experts say that the United States will provoke a civil war within the Islamic Republic. The question is that European experts are only now beginning to adopt a critical approach to the US actions in the middle East. Or has a sudden insight or European multiculturalism was horrified by the increasing flow of refugees from middle Eastern countries to which the United States had brought “happiness and democratic values.”

Tanai Cholhanov, especially for the news Front
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