Expert Push Valitov proved the existence of God – his theory recognized the world

World-famous specialist was able to prove that God exists in reality.

The author of the above open is a Professor Push Valitov, who is a member of the Bashkir University. Despite the fact that he is not a theologian, the expert approached the research from a scientific point of view. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

First it was reported as possible to communicate with God.

Through the efforts of Valitova was refuted 20 chemical, 12 thermodynamic, mechanical 40, 28 physical dogmas. Scientist have proven the theory that the interaction of bodies in the Universe is in fractions of a second, that’s why it was made a conclusion according to which among all the bodies there is no striking distances and obstacles in time.

In monographs of the scientist says that the relationship of each particle of the world due to the presence of the same idea of being. It should be noted that this may explain in advance the existence of the World of the mind, which is endowed with the Almighty. Notable is the fact that these conclusions recognized the right not only supporters of the official science, but also experts in the field of religious studies. Since some people are not able to understand the usefulness of a single higher power, it is easier for them to recognize themselves atheists.
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