Putin and trump about improving relations between the two countries: the first footage from Osaka

June 28 in Osaka at 8:00 (Moscow time) the meeting began between the presidents of Russia and the United States, which lasted slightly more than an hour and already came to an end.

It is known that the first floor was Donald trump, who welcomed the members of his delegation and the delegations from Russia, resource transfers “Russian Dialogue“.

Further, the US President said that the topic of conversation will be the issues of trade, protectionism, disarmament and Commerce.

In Washington I have no doubt that in the near future relations between the US and Russia will be restored. In response, Vladimir Putin said that trump had not seen since the day of the meeting in Helsinki in 2018, but will be glad to talk with his American counterpart.

During the conversation with reporters, Trump was able to joke about the future of the U.S. presidential elections. He turned to Putin and asked for Russia to not intervene, thus threatening finger.

After that journalists were asked to leave, and the meeting continued behind closed doors.
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