Doctors saved twin sisters, removing a huge tumor directly during childbirth

Chicago doctors rescued two adorable twins, after a risky and dangerous operation during childbirth, and removing from the neck of one of the babies brain tumor, the teratoma.

A few months ago, parents weren’t sure if they would survive their twins. At the 3rd month of pregnancy, Theodora ultrasound examination found a tumor emerging from the thyroid gland in the neck Ganassi — one of the sisters.

The teratoma that was found was not malignant, but very quickly grew and squeezed the respiratory organs. The doctors were sure that the child can not breathe independently after birth. Moreover, the tumor prevented the development of a second fetus of the placenta. The chances of survival of both twin sisters were small. 29 week giant tumor caused too much accumulation of fluid, endangering the pregnancy Theodora.

The wonders of fetal surgery

Parents were not even aware that such operations exist before I came to decoherence in Chicago Institute of health of the embryo, the doctor to the Aymen Chaabane.

A team of 40 people, including Shaaban, specialists in pediatric surgery, pediatric ENT, fetal medicine, neonatology, pediatric cardiology and anesthesia of the fetus has developed a unique treatment strategy Theodora to save both children. Dr. Shaaban has performed a risky but necessary procedure EXIT on 29 week of pregnancy.

Lurie Children’s. The plan of operation developed by a team of 40 people.

During the operation, fetahil did not usual for a caesarean section incision in the uterus, and relatively small — enough to Genesse to insert a breathing tube and connected to a drip.

“We took the upper torso, neck and arms, getting access to the respiratory tract and entering the breathing tube and also to the hands, to enter the drip and monitor oxygenation, the heart rate of the child,” — said Shaaban.

Then the girl cut the umbilical cord. A tumor on the neck of the child to this point was the size of her head. Jenessa was taken to surgery to remove the teratoma. The second twin, in turn, was in the uterus: doctors supported the girl is in stable condition. Genesis was born as soon as Jenessa was taken to the operating room. Both sisters appeared for 10 weeks prematurely.

Wonder girls — the greatest success of fatherlove, which one could only hope

Both babies are alive and healthy. At first they stayed in the hospital — though in different chambers. While Genesis quickly gained strength, her sister struggled with one complication after another.

Lurie Children’s. Jenessa was discharged in June — giving the family the opportunity to reunite.

Genesis went home after three months after birth. Jenessa was in intensive care until June, the baby needed medical help, so she could breathe and eat. In the near future she might have problems due to premature birth and underdeveloped lungs. But the doctors are confident that soon Ganessa are strong enough and will not need hospital care. There is a small chance that the tumor will start to grow again. But Shaaban said that the chances are incredibly small, because the teratoma was removed.

“I am very happy for her. [Theodore] said — most importantly, take home children that God gave her. And so it happened.” says Dr. Shaaban.

The family was looking forward to when the little girl will get acquainted with two older brothers and will join its sister-twin. And finally all assembled.

“We’ve been waiting for this day,” said Theodore.

Doctors saved the twins, having a unique, but risky surgery to remove a huge tumor at the time of birth updated: June 29, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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