An object of unknown origin: the Irish have unearthed a 5600-year-old artifact

The inhabitants of one of the Irish settlements was pretty surprised to find archaeologists.

According to preliminary information, the experts managed to stumble upon the object, whose age is about 5600 years. The discovery was made in the framework of the project IT Sligo. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before in Australia have unearthed an artifact of age-half years.

Notable is the fact that the found metal object has an unknown origin, as it has no similarities with any known world science items. Excavations were carried out near the large cemetery with tombs, located near the town of Sligo.

Initially, the researchers of ancient artifacts believed that he found the next burial. After some time, managed to establish that they unearthed, which has no analogues monument. It should be noted that the find is a kind of elevation that contains round stones of enormous size, which is surrounded by a massive ditch.

Also in the immediate vicinity were excavated tools, scrapers, the components of which were stones and bones. A little deeper, archaeologists found tools for processing of hides, cooking.

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