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Despite the fact that President Donald trump said that with Mexico reached an agreement designed to stop the influx of illegal immigrants, it’s hard to say whether this is so in fact.

“We are fully documented and signed another very important aspect of the agreement on immigration and security with Mexico to the conclusion of which, the US has insisted for many years,” said trump, noting that the relevant information is classified, but will be released “in the not too distant future.”

At the same time, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard said that he’s only talking about some joint actions, and if they do not lead to a decrease in the number of migrants, to discuss what more can be done.

It’s possible that trump was quick to announce the achievement of preliminary agreements as a fait accompli, in order to prove that his threat to impose duties influenced Mexican counterpart, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. But he didn’t seem to support a similar layout, if ever, been about it to date. As told one of the prominent representatives of the White house, in the course of private negotiations, the representatives of the Mexican government only agreed to consider the question of the passage through its territory of foreigners who wish to gain refugee status, but it is possible that the discussion will take months. And even if a decision is made on which insist in Washington need to it even approved the General Congress of the United Mexican States is the Supreme representative body of the country.

Yet, in the words of Ebrard, agreement has been reached only that if in the next 45 days, the flow of migrants is reduced, will begin a new discussion of how to solve the problem. The United States insist that those wishing to obtain refugee status were sent to some third country where they will expect the court decides, as Mexico proposes to create a regional system of detention of such people, and with the involvement of the United Nations and the governments of Guatemala, Panama and Brazil, countries where migrants mostly begin their journey to the us border. We are talking about completely different approaches that stressed the head of the Mexican diplomatic corps.

“There’s only two sentences, without any other alternatives,” summed up Ebrard. Mexico, in particular, fears that the implementation of the variant designed by US will increase the number of applicants to obtain refugee status, which has increased dramatically in recent years — to the level that the government has no resources. In this case, the particular danger is the prospect that these migrants remain in Mexico, and if they fail to provide work (and thence the economy is growing, but very slightly), they with high probability will join the ranks of organized criminal groups.

Ebrard has also denied the statement trump that Mexico agreed to immediately purchase a large quantity of agricultural products in the United States. According to him, such issues were not even a subject of negotiations. But Mexico has confirmed this earlier promise about sending additional units of the national guard on the border with Guatemala and agreed to accept approximately 11 thousand more migrants, who managed to get in the United States and apply for refugee status.

And while this is all the achievements that are much more modestly, than it follows from the statements of trump.

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