A miracle baby who was operated on the spine in the womb, already standing on his feet

Like any child his age, 17-month-old Charlie Royer from Alpine (California) curious and full of energy. Sometimes, when the boy’s mother, lexi, dresses him, he shall go all out to kick in — but the woman is not angry. On the contrary.

“You know — says she is bring other parents to handle, but I am grateful for every little thing“.

Two years ago lexi and her husband Joshua wasn’t sure what the future holds for their son, and if Charlie’s future at all. Routine ultrasounds done during pregnancy mother was not supposed to reveal any anomalies, but instead was suddenly a source of frightening news.

In the picture, the doctor discovered spina bifida — a defect usually occurs in the third week of fetal development and is characterized by incomplete closure of the neural tube in nesformirovannost spinal cord. According to the Mayo clinic, it is annually diagnosed about 1500-2000 children in the United States. In the worst cases, the defect can affect the child’s ability to walk, and the work of his bladder and bowels.

“The doctors told us that most children born with such defect, paralyzed from the waist”, — says lexi.

According to the mother, intuition told her that the experimental procedure is the best chance Charlie.

The damage caused by the defect is irreversible and develops during the pregnancy of the mother, so the best way to avoid serious complications is to perform the surgery as early as possible. Rolleri couldn’t wait.

The online forum for parents of children with spina bifida they found out about an experimental procedure at Children’s hospital of Texas in Houston under the name petrocapacity surgery is less invasive in comparison with other operations, performed through incisions in the abdomen area and uterus of the mother.

“We are doing two very small incision in the wall of the uterus then insert a small tube through which tiny instruments are placed and carry out the procedure”, explains Dr. Michael A. Belfort, obstetrician and gynecologist in chief, developed the innovative technique, along with Dr. William Whitehead, pediatric neurosurgeon.

In the end, lexi decided to listen to my intuition which said, surgery is their best chance.

“I knew that doing the right thing — but it was still difficult [to accept]. I prayed without ceasing” — she admits.

Facebook. While Charlie still can not walk independently, but the doctors are sure he has yet to come.

The procedure was carried out in September 2017, when Charlie was six months — and in January 2018 he was born.

Fortunately, the experiment is entirely justified.

“He’s got a great speech, fine motor skills, cognitive abilities. says Royer — There are problems with common motor skills, but we were ready for it“.

Since surgery it has been almost two years, and Charlie feels better than his parents had dared hope. He still is unable to move on their own, but the doctors assured: sooner or later the boy would walk exactly the same way as other children.

“It is a miracle and we are eternally grateful. — tells Lexie — Charlie so happy. When he goes, then says: “Wow!”, as if he could not believe his luck“.

“It’s a miracle”: the Baby who was operated on for spina bifida in the womb, has already started to go updated: June 30, 2019 author: Anastasia Belskaya
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