Alaska government the meeting began with the words “Heil, Satan!”

A member of the civil group “the Satanic temple” iris Fountain, which received the right to open a government meeting on the Kenai Peninsula (Alaska), said,”Heil, Satan!

What will not bend must break, and it is something that can be destroyed by truth, should not survive. This is done hail Satan (or Heil, Satan – approx. USA.One),” said Fountain.

With this controversial prayer meeting started on the Kenai Peninsula Tuesday, June 19, where several participants came out of the courtroom. The members of the Assembly of Norms Blakely, Paul Fisher and the mayor of the borough of Charlie pierce was among those who left their seats.

After that the administration building were about 40 people who came out in protest against such statements. The demonstrators were holding banners reading “Reject Satan and his works” and “Know Jesus and his love.”

Among the protesters was William Siebenmorgen, who flew to Alaska from Pennsylvania especially for the event.

The Lord is pleased with our public prayers of reparation. We want God to bless America and not Satan cursed her, “said he KSRM.

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Prayer the Fountains was made after the city changed its policy in November of last year. Then the Supreme court of Alaska ruled that any person could say the prayer at the meetings, regardless of his views.

The Kenai Peninsula is 75 miles (121 km) South of anchorage.

“The satanic temple” is a group of civic activists, which pokes fun at the relationship between government and Christian organizations. It uses Satan as a symbol of the “eternal rebel”.

“Heil, Satan!”: with these words the member of the “Satanic temple” has opened a government meeting in Alaska updated: Jun 21, 2019 author: Katerina Moskalets

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