Doctors have debunked the myth of the usefulness of vitamin known: it is gorichem for cancer cells

The researchers, who carefully studied the human body, managed to destroy the myth about the usefulness of one of the known vitamins.

Scientists have focused on the fact that, despite the presence of vitamin C abundance antioxidantive properties, it may contribute to feeding cancer cells. Unfortunately a very big, above the received theory of rational confirmation. About it reports the edition Liga news Russia.

Before the doctors told of the miracle spices.

It was found that the authors of the above discovery are employees of the medical school of the University settlement of Concepcion. The inhabitants of the earth was pretty surprised that mnogouvazhaemy ascorbic acid can be gorichem for cancer formations.

The conclusion requires clarification. In humans there are two kinds of ascorbic acid – deshidrogenasa acid (DHA) and the “reduced” form, i.e. directly ascorbic acid (AA). As noted by the doctors, beneficial properties undoubtedly has a kind of AA. In turn, the second modification is intensively absorbed by cancer cells, providing data to the deadly combination to affect the body of individuals.
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