The President did not convince the journalists

A few hours before Donald trump said in Florida about joining the campaign, the Orlando Sentinel published an editorial explaining why it opposes his candidacy.

Guide publications, owned by the Tribune Publishing Co. and adhere to, according to the website MediaBiasFactCheck.com, the center-right positions, noted that perhaps it is too early to be determined with respect to the head of state, especially in light of the fact that it is not known who will be his opponent.

“However, we have no reason to recommend readers to vote for trump, the article says. For 2.5 years we are faced with many chaos, confrontations, insults, who can afford, except that students, self-aggrandizement, corruption and, especially, lie. Such dishonesty is evidence of ignorance, laziness and dangers of such a policy.”

The editorial Board emphasized that trump has worsened the U.S. position in the world, going to conflict with the core staff and establishing contacts with potential enemies, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. “People should not forget the humiliating situation when in 2018 in Helsinki the head of the country, contrary to the opinion of the intelligence community, supported Putin’s view that Russia does not interfere in the election campaign, reminded the authors of the article. — Previously, such behavior would be regarded as an unforgivable political sin.”

The Orlando Sentinel is not without mockery suggested that can change your attitude to the Tramp — “if, for example, he could cure all cancers or change their behavior, less likely”.

At the same time the newspaper does not plan to give their sympathy to any Democratic candidate is due to the fact that since 1952 the edition is called for Republicans, with the exception of Lyndon Johnson in 1964, John Kerry in 2004 and Hillary Clinton in 2016. “We would willingly have looked into such Republicans as Senator MITT Romney or former Governor of Ohio John Kasich,” said the authors of the article, suggesting that the victory of the politicians in opposition, trump is unlikely.

Florida, which in the electoral College are 29 people, was the state where last time the election campaign is held in the most acute struggle, and trump hasn’t accidentally made his statement in Orlando. In 2016 he won the state by a margin of just over 1 percentage point and the last data of ABC News, show that in March he conceded 7 points to the leader among Democrats — former Vice-President Joseph Biden.

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